The Six Skills of Making the Most of Your Life

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It is easy to forget that we only have one life to live. We cannot do a do-over. But don’t you secretly wish that you can go back to high school with the maturity and wisdom that you have now? Wouldn’t there be a lot of things that you would do differently with the knowledge that you have now? Alas, the reality is that we cannot go back into history and change things. Therefore, we have to take all that has happened so far and then try to make wise and impactful decisions today and move forward.

For some of us, we just waste a lot of time and go through life directionless. We neglect to make the most of the life that we have. Sometimes, we end up wasting a lot of our energy on pursuits that really don’t matter at the end of life. Many times, the things that we invest our lives in, are self-centered and do not go beyond ourselves.

Therefore, we always find ourselves struggling with the question about purpose and significance. So, how can I make the most of my life every single day? You must remember that nothing that is of value and significance is accomplished overnight. We have to lay the building blocks of change and impact so that it will solidify into something great. Usually, all great things start with humble beginnings. It is the simple and small things that later become great things.

You can make the most of your life today! Here are 6 skills (THRIVE) you can implement so that you can enjoy and live every single day to the fullest:

  1. T – TAKE care of yourself. In the midst of doing a lot of things, it is easy to overlook the importance of taking care of yourself. We don’t get enough sleep. We eat unhealthy stuff. We are constantly distracted by entertainment on our phones. Rarely do we exercise besides walking to the car or the train. If you think of your body and mind as an instrument, then you will realize that it needs good maintenance in order to run in a tip-top shape. The healthier we are, then the more alert we will be throughout the day. Then we will be able to maximize the different opportunities that are before us to live life fully.

Next Steps: Monitor your sleeping and eating habits. Also, take some time to unplug from all electronics at certain times of the day so that you can clear your mind. It really helps to have someone commit to the process with you so that there are accountability and encouragement along the way.

  1. HELP others – A self-centered life drains the life out of us. It is really counterintuitive. At first, the idea of living for yourself and having whatever you want might seem pleasant; but a constant stream of selfishness will slowly drain you. There always has to be an outlet in order for things to stay fresh. Just think about the Dead Sea (located on the border of Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank). It is famous for being filled with sediments, especially salt. The reason is that there is no outlet so that freshwater can flow through. In the same way, if we just live our lives to “take” (inflow) rather than finding ways to also “give” (outflow), then we will slowly die inside. Be a blessing to others by finding a way to serve and help people. You won’t regret it. In fact, you will start experiencing tremendous joy.

Next Steps: Spontaneously and randomly give to someone. Or you can ask people who are in your life and ask them if there is anything that you can help them with today.

  1. RECONCILE quickly – Nothing kills our joy and our positive outlook than being in conflict with people. Now, it is important to note that in some relationships, you have done everything that you can to make it right, but it is still not good. In those situations, you just have to learn to let go. But for those relationships where you know you need to reconcile and make it right, it is imperative that we do it quickly. Broken relationships consume us. It hinders us from living the fullness of life because we are angry or anxious about the situation. And as you know, unresolved emotions and issues can quickly turn into bitterness, and eventually, it will lead to a lot of triggers, which will affect others.

Next Steps: Write down how you feel and then meet up with the person and express what you have been feeling. Ask for forgiveness and recommit to building up the relationship.

  1. INVEST in people – We waste a lot of our time and energy on things that will not last. Also, we don’t give thought to the fact that we need to think about how our actions affect others and future generations. The greatest investment you can make is not in material things, but rather in people. When we make a commitment to invest our time, resources, and energy in people, we will find out a greater purpose. This will cause us to feel gratitude as we are seeing other people benefiting from our investment.

Next Steps: Schedule a time at least once a week to meet up with people. Use that time to encourage and to help the person reach their goals.

  1. VENTURE out boldly – Part of living our lives to the fullest is making sure that you do not allow fear to hinder you from making the most of the opportunities that are given. It is easy to doubt your abilities and struggle mentality about your worth. Life is too short for this. We need to have a mindset of taking “calculated” risk and have the mentality of growing through your failures. Build up your courage and then venture out into the unknown and try new things.

Next Steps: Learn something new (i.e. language, a skill, knowledge, etc.).

  1. EXPRESS gratitude daily – A grateful attitude changes the way we see things. It is our perspective on things that affect the way we live our lives. Instead of complaining and wondering why things are not going your way (which by the way, sucks the life, not only out of you, but also of other people), you can decide to look at things with a positive attitude. A positive person gives off good vibes and people are drawn to you. When we learn how to be thankful for the little things, then we will be able to appreciate the bigger things with humility and grace. Practice finding things to be grateful for. If you open up your heart and mind, you will be able to find at least one thing throughout the day.

Next Steps: Keep a “thankful” or “grateful” journal. Each day write at least one thing that you are grateful for. Then when you get discouraged, pull out the journal and read some of the entries.

The older we get, the more we realize that there is a deep desire to make the most of our lives. Since life is short, we don’t want to waste our lives on frivolous things. Don’t let negativity, obstacles, and the difficult issues in life stop you from making the most of every single day. You have the potential of making an everlasting impact on others and in the world. Remind yourself of these 6 skills (THRIVE) and live them out faithfully to leave your imprint in this world.

  1. TAKE care of yourself
  2. HELP others
  3. RECONCILE quickly
  4. INVEST in people
  5. VENTURE out boldly
  6. EXPRESS gratitude daily

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